We’re committed to feeding a growing world with protein that’s made with integrity and tailor food for wherever it’s available.

Our Halal Commitment

Since the founding of our Malaysia facility in 1987, the business has produced safe, high-quality and Halal certified products. We are recognized as a leader in the Halal food and beverage industry in Malaysia and are certified Halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). We follow strict certification standards throughout our local manufacturing process and only distribute products which have been Halal certified.

In addition to complying with JAKIM requirements, we also practice food safety in everything that we do. We work closely with food safety officials to ensure that we produce all our food in full compliance with safety requirements. We are committed to providing consumers with safe, healthy and high-quality food that they can enjoy with confidence and peace of mind.

Halal Committee

Established a dedicated internal Halal Committee


Established a close working relationship with JAKIM in ascertaining the reliability of Halal status for all our products

Shipping and Warehouse

Comply to strict hygiene and Halal requirements in Shipping and Warehouse


Committed to the highest standard of hygiene practices in food production


Prioritize on health, hygiene and cleanliness among employees at workplace.


Certified BRC Global Standard for Food Safety recognized by the GFSI – Global Food Safety Initiatives. Obtained HACCP for fish, GMP and MeSTI certificates from Malaysia’s Ministry of Health and the Veterinary Health Mark (VHM) certificate for chicken and beef from the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (DVS).

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